Illustration Academy Hosts Figure Drawing

Our good friends at The Illustration Academy is proud to announce they will be hosting two life drawing sessions per month in Kansas City. Each month features a new illustrator with an experienced background in the illustration industry.

The next Illustration Academy Figure Drawing Session is scheduled for Thursday, March 31, 6:00-9:00pm. The session is open to the public. It will be hosted at an artist studio in the West Bottoms (1212 W. 8th street, Kansas City, MO 64101). Each month, we hope to feature a new local or visiting artist who will join the figure drawing session. Start your year off right and come sketch with the Academy!

There will be two models. We provide a limited number of easels, drawing horses, and drawing boards. To ensure you have the necessary support, please bring your own equipment or arrive early. We will be providing 10 easels and 15 drawing horses. Artists must provide their own art materials. 

Entry is $5. There will be nude models at this event, so entry is 18+. Artists under the age of 18, must be with a parent or legal guardian and provide a valid consent form.

The Illustration Academy can now be taken for credit!

Bethany College Applied Arts program is now offering up to 12 hours of transferable credit for attending The Illustration Academy. The Academy is an in-person, five-week immersive workshop that will offer students one of the most intensive portfolio and career development experiences available.

Each course offers 3 credit hours with  three, 3-hr sessions (9 hrs) of instruction per week, allowing for 45 hours of course instruction.

Up to 12 hours of transferrable credit are available.

• Each class is accredited through Bethany College
• Tuition is $1500 per (3hr) class
• $545 per credit hour
• Credits are transferable
• Tuition for classes is paid to Bethany College
• Program Fee is paid to the Illustration Academy