BCAA Welcomes Mike Bierek as Instructor

With the 2016 fall semester beginning Aug. 25, we couldn't be more excited to start up our online classes. This upcoming semester we are welcoming new instructor to the roster of talented industry professionals who teach our online classes. Concept artist, Mike Bierek, will be instructing Composition and Color Theory II. 

Mike Bierek provides concepts, storyboards, and marketing illustrations for a wide range of clients. Mike currently works with Massive Black inc. in San Franicisco, California. He will be instructing Composition and Color Theory II at BC Applied Arts for the fall 2016 semester. 

About Mike Bierek

Mike Bierek's experience in the entertainment industry is extensive and includes work on high profile projects for some of the biggest names in the entertainment and game arts industry.

Mike Bierek grew up California where he found happiness in learning, art, and action. He spent a few years studying illustration and fine art in San Francisco during his early twenties before working with Massive Black, where he spent three years working as a concept artist. During this time, Mike also began working with Wizards of the Coast for the card game Magic the Gathering. He then moved to Montreal and worked for THQ on several projects, before starting work at Ubisoft on the FarCry franchise. He moved back to California in late 2015 and began working with Massive Black once again as a freelance artist. A relationship which continues for him to this day. 

In addition to all of this, Mike is a beast on a drum set. 

About BC Applied Arts

Bethany College Applied Arts (BCAA) is an online Bachelor of Arts program where the artists who are redefining our industry are redefining arts education to make it more affordable, accessible and applicable to a real world career. While all of our courses can be taken for college credits, all of our classes can also be taken as non-accredited, continuing education courses for non-degree seeking students who wish to take a single course. 

BCAA's online platform creates a global community fused with unmatched industry information, diversity, and insight. BCAA is designed to deliver a phenomenal learning experience to artists anywhere in the world. Artists may still enroll for fall semester classes, so sign up while you still can. The first day of classes start Aug. 25, 2016. The add/drop period ends Sept. 1 at 5 pm.