We passionately believe in providing our students with industry information that is relevant, applicable, and accessible. Our online format connects students with some of the best working artists in the world in an interactive and personal setting.

We take great pride in our phenomenal roster of working professionals. The art world has become a globally competitive industry, so we believe students deserve access to instructors who are willing to mentor students and share their industry secrets without hesitance.

Meet Our Visiting Instructors

What it takes to instruct at BC Applied Arts

  • All of our instructors work full-time in their respective industry.

  • Our instructors are leaders in their field or specialty of illustration.

  • Marvel, DC Comics, National Geographic, Time Magazine, Google, The New Yorker and Rolling Stone are just a few of our instructor's clients.
  • Each artist that instructs at our program must be willing to patiently teach, mentor, and assist. We leave the egos at the door.