AA 340 Illustration Industry

Instructor: Terry Brown & Guests
3 Credit Hours
Fridays, 2:00 pm  to 5 pm CST

This hands-on course lifts the veil on the illustration industry. Students will fine-tune and strengthen their skills, unique perspective, creative speech, aesthetics and application of visual arts. Not only will this course explore the intricacies of the illustration industry, it will also introduce students to career opportunities, encouraging and mentoring them to constructing a portfolio appropriate for today’s fast-paced industry. During the semester students will learn from a number of today’s most successful illustrators. Each speaker will in some fashion match the goals and aspirations of an attending student. Students will receive one-on-one guidance from some of the top professionals in the industry. The course is intended to acclimate students to current industry standards and provide young artists with the competency and skills to develop and present an impressive portfolio to the industry.

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