Classes Taught by Working Artists

Our instructors and guest lecturers work with many of today's most iconic brands in the entertainment, editorial, and commercial industry. We firmly believe the best education is taught is taught by the best practitioners. With that in mind, BC Applied Arts students are given access to relevant and applicable information from mentors who are industry veterans.

I love the online format. It really makes it easy [to instruct] for professionals like me. I wouldn’t do it any other way.
— John Mueller, Art Director at Blizzard Entertainment
The teachers are actually working. You can be in communication with some of the top professionals in the industry.
— Dan Vanderhoof, BC Applied Arts Student
It’s a very dynamic way of learning and sharing. It’s really unlike anything else that’s out there.
— Sterling Hundley, BC Applied Arts Instructor
I’ve only taken classes here for 1 year and I feel like I’ve got 4 years of information already.
— Cody Shank, BC Applied Arts Student